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Do what makes you happy.

My "Why's" 

  • To create opportunities for others like myself

  • to showcase other creative events, people and products 

  • To educate, express and inspire 

  • I believe God blesses us so that we can bless others. So, My brand would like to consistently give back.*view bottom section* Please contact me if community service is something you'd like to discuss.

  • Having the opportunity to network on a larger scale and use this platform to market the products & services jussjustine the Brand offers​​


           Thank you for supporting me


who is she?

*Fashion enthusiast 
*Creative Director  
*marketing genie

*beauty fairy 

*Caribbean Gyal 
*Food lover 
*Goof ball
*Gym goer 
*Free spirit 
*90s baby
*Genuine Person
*Old Soul
*Music is life

*Morals and integrity mean everything. "stand for something or fall for anything."

"I aint no killer but don't push me." -tupac Shakur 





Creative Services 

Beauty & wellness

Keep Up With

  • "Intersectionality"
    Time is TBD
    a must watch
    Time is TBD
    a must watch
    Time is TBD
    a must watch
    A beautiful and informing Ted Talk everyone should experience.
  • Peter Paul Development Center
    Peter Paul Development Center
    Get involved today
    Get involved today
    Get involved today
    I've been volunteering with Peter Paul as a mentor/tutor for over 2 years now, Covid put a damp on things but I absolutely love the energy here. It always feels good to get involved with the community.
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Get a little more involved into my artistry. Here's a visual of me in my element. You DON'T want to skip this, great views!
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